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John Carpenter Visits Golden Apple Comics

Legendary film director John Carpenter joins with some of the biggest names in the comics industry for an incredible premiere event at Golden Apple comics. Take a trip with us to the best comic store in Hollywood and see how we got the chance to meet a horror movie icon!


Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2016

Dig That Box celebrates Free Comic-Book Day at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood. Fans lined up early for this awesome yearly event. It was a day filled with fun, free stuff, celebrity guests and some other big surprises!


DC Comics Reborn!

Witness the rebirth of the world's greatest superheroes. DC Comics reveals their plan to reboot their entire comic universe in one epic event. DC has assembled a super team of artists and writers for this ambitious new project. Click the link to read all the exciting details and learn what you can expect from the DC Comics Rebirth!


WonderCon 2016
Wrap Up

We're back from WonderCon 2016 with our first hand report from this incredible event. The show was filled with exciting panels, surprise announcements and tons of celebrity guests. Click the link to find out why this was the best WonderCon in years!


WonderCon 2016:
Ninja Turtle Party!

Get ready to party with the Ninja Turtles as we head to a special event celebrating this awesome franchise. There's a lot of cool stuff happening in the Ninja Turtle universe, everything from cool new toys, a hugely popular TV show, and a major new film. Get in on all the fun as we get down with the Ninja Turtles!


WonderCon 2016
Image Gallery

Check out all the wonderful sights from WonderCon 2016 in our exclusive image gallery. We have over 120 images direct from the show floor. This incredible show comes to Los Angeles for a once in a lifetime event. Three wonderful days filled with celebrity guests, amazing exhibits, and tons of cosplay fun!


Andre the Giant
Closer to Heaven

Andre the Giant was a wrestling legend and a TV and movie star. Now a new biography reveals the true story of the beloved icon. It is a heartwarming tale based on the testimony of his family and closest friends. Click the link to read our review of Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.


New DigThatBox Zines!

For the past year DigThatBox has been publishing a series of awesome zines available only on the streets of Los Angeles. Learn all about our popular series of zines, which cover a variety of subjects like Atari, Godzilla, Zombies and more!


Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2014

Dig That Box celebrates free comic book day 2014 at Golden Apple Comics. It’s a day of friends, fans and free comics! Join us for fun in the sun with special guests Mark Silvestri and Scott Shaw.


WonderCon 2014 Wrap Up

Another WonderCon is in the history books. We’re back from the big show to give you our first hand report on all the incredible sights from WonderCon 2014. Click the link for all the wonderful details.


WonderCon 2014 Exclusives

You can't have a convention without awesome exclusives. Check out some of the best exclusive merchandise from WonderCon 2014. See our picks for the hottest limited edition items at the show.


WonderCon 2014 Preview

It’s time once again for WonderCon! The convention season kicks into high gear as the big show returns to Anaheim. It's a three day celebration of comics and pop culture. Get ready for all the fun with our exciting preview of WonderCon 2014.


Shadows of the Batman

Batman fans have all read the biggest and the best stories in the career of the Caped Crusader. However before Arkham Asylum and the Killing Joke there were other tales that greatly helped to shape the Batman mythos. Take a look back at some of the lesser known but equally important tales of the Batman and see how they helped create the character we know today.


Free Comic Book Day 2013

It’s time again for Free Comic Book Day! See how Honest Abe and friends celebrated the event at Golden Apple Comics. It’s a story of freebies, fun, and a high speed police chase.


WonderCon 2013
Wrap Up

We’re back from WonderCon 2013 with all the highlights of this amazing show. WonderCon rocked Anaheim with a show that was bigger and better than last year. Click the link to read all the exciting details.


G.I. Joe Invades
Golden Apple

Golden Apple Comics celebrates the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation with a special fan event. Actress Elodie Yung, who plays Jinx in the new movie, was on hand in her first ever public appearance. It was a day of fun at LA’s favorite comic store.


WonderCon 2013 Preview

Springtime! When a persons’ mind turns to thoughts of…conventions! Yes, it’s convention season and what better way to kick things off than WonderCon 2013! Honest Abe brings you the lowdown on what’s going on at the first convention of 2013. Click the link for his scoop on what’s hot at this year’s big show.


Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2012 Preview

Hello true believers! This weekend Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo hits the Los Angeles Convention Center. Take a look at the upcoming show and get a sneak peak at all the panels, celebrity guests and exclusive merchandise.


Comic-Con 2012 Newswire Page Now Open

Our Comic-Con 2012 Newswire page is now LIVE. Stay up to date with all the exciting news from San Diego. Also, learn about our 2012 SDCC arcade token promotion, and visit our Comic-Con Archives. Celebrate the show with the most unique Comic-Con coverage on the web.


Celebrate Free Comic Book Day
at Golden Apple Comics

Come along on a journey with Honest Abe as we celebrate Free Comic Book Day at Golden Apple Comics. This yearly event was held at the best comic store in Los Angeles. Its a day full of fans, fun, prizes, celebrities and ice cream sandwiches!


Movie Review: 
The Avengers

The Avengers assemble this summer at a theater near you. Director Joss Whedon brings the legendary super hero team to the big screen. Click the link to read our spoiler free review of this highly anticipated summer blockbuster.


WonderCon 2012
Wrap Up

It’s a Wrap! WonderCon 2012 is now in the history books. We're back from the show to bring you all the pop culture greatness you can handle. Fasten your seatbelts because here’s the recap!


WonderCon 2012

WonderCon 2012 is coming to Southern California. Honest Abe gives you a complete preview of all the sights, sounds and wonders at the show. It's guaranteed to be a weekend full of fun with celebrity guests, movie previews, comics and more!


Comikaze Expo 2011 Preview

The Comikaze Expo hits the Los Angeles convention center. Comikaze is the first ever large scale comic, anime, gaming, horror, sci-fi & fantasy expo in downtown LA. Click the link to get a sneak peak at all the excitement.


Comic Review:
Justice League #1

DC Comics begins a massive reboot of its entire catalog beginning with a new Justice League series. Click the link to read our review of the first issue from the new series. And stay tuned all week as we look at other issues from the new 52.


New Dead Island Digital Comic

Deep Silver has created a digital prequel comic revealing the events that lead up to the highly anticipated Dead Island video game. Its a chilling tale of zombies in a tropical paradise. Click the link to read the comic.


The Top 40
Comic-Con Exclusives of 2011

Scoring exclusive merchandise is one of the best reasons to attend the San Diego Comic-Con. Fans wait in line, sometimes for hours, just to get their hands on these highly sought after collectibles. So which exclusives will be the hottest at this year's show? Click the link to find out!


What's Cool in Comics:
Punisher Max

Find out what's cool in the world of comics and graphic novels. Our newest feature covers the highly acclaimed "Punisher Max" series.  Marvel Comics takes the feared vigilante into dark and foreboding territory. Its gritty new take on the classic Marvel hero. Read on to see why it's so cool.


Rise of the Planet
of the Apes:
Free Online Prequel Comic

Read a free online prequel comic for the upcoming film "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." This web comic will be updated every wednesday. Click the link to read this exciting preview.


Comic-Con 2011 Newswire Now Open

Our 2011 Comic-Con Newswire page is now open. Get all the latest information on the upcoming show. Take an insiders look at the San Diego Comic-Con. See highlights from previous shows. And see pics of the hottest exclusive merchandise from Comic-Con 2011. Its all just a click away.


Dark Horse Comics Announces Rage Comic Series

Bethesda Softworks and Dark Horse Comics announce a new comic mini series based on id Software's Rage video game. Click the link for more details.


DC Universe Online Now Available

The most anticipated super hero MMO is finall available for the PC and the PS3. Click the link for the full details.


Stan Lee Wants You!

Famed comic book legend Stan Lee personally asks you to join The Video Game Voters Network.

Read More Here


Movie Review:
Scott Pilgrim
VS The World

The director of "Hot Fuzz" and "Shaun of the Dead" brings us his latest project, "Scott Pilgrim vs The World." Based on a popular comic book of the same name, the movie is already receiving tremendous buzz. With an impressive cast and a dazzling visual style the film seeks to capture quirky feel of the original source material. Does the film succeed? Read our review and find out.


Comic-Con 2010

Read all of our coverage from the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

Comic-Con 2010 Wrap Up

Comic-Con Survival Guide

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